Dole Asia Holdings Pte International Certifications Of Quality

Together these certifications confirm Dole’s international status as a producer of high quality produce grown, harvested and packaged under strict guidelines that are environmentally friendly, humane and quality orientated.

Dole international certifications of quality: ISO9001. A quality management system whereby a company’s ability to deliver an acceptable product of consistent quality is measured.

ISO14001- An international standard that requires a company to adhere to specific environmental management system requirements.

SA8OOO- An assurance of humane working conditions. It is an international standard implemented by Social Accountability promoting the social and ethical aspects of conducting business.

GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)- Covers areas such as Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Integrated Pest Control (IPC), Quality Management System (QMS), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), worker health, safety, welfare and environmental pollution and conservation management. 

Rainforest Alliance - Banana farms in Ecuador are certified since 2010. 


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