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Dole Pawpaw

Pawpaw or papaya, as it is known in many Asian countries, has a soft buttery consistency that simply melts in your mouth. So deliciously sweet is the taste, that Christopher Columbus reputably described pawpaw as “the fruit of the angels”.

Dole Pawpaw is grown in the lush tropical environment of the Philippines. In this ideal growing environment the fruit develops its superior more flavoursome and delicious taste.

Preparing Dole Pawpaw at home

Pawpaw -preparation

Dole Pawpaw is easy to prepare to eat. Start by testing the fruit for ripeness. Make sure it gives slightly with pressure from your palm. Then cut the narrow end off of the pawpaw.

Next cut the fruit lengthwise in half. Scoop out the black seeds in the centre and discard. (Pawpaw seeds are not generally eaten).

Peel the pawpaw and slice into segments.

How to Store

You can ripen a pawpaw at room temperature and then store the ripe fruit in your refrigerator.

Pawpaw - bursting with vitamin C

One cup of Pawpaw cubes (140gms) will give you 87mg of vitamin C, that’s more than the same amount of an orange. Pawpaw also contain good quantities of beta-carotene, vitamin A and Vitamin E, which make them fantastic for your skin and a great anti-oxidant fruit.

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