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Pawpaw or papaya, as it is known in many Asian countries, has a soft buttery consistency that simply melts in your mouth. So deliciously sweet is the taste, that Christopher Columbus reputably described pawpaw as “the fruit of the angels”.

Dole Pawpaw is grown in the lush tropical environment of the Philippines. In this ideal growing environment the fruit develops its delicious taste.

Pawpaw Recipes

Pawpaw Recipes

Delicious Dole Pawpaw will add something very special to any meal. Dole Pawpaw are available in two delicious varieties. Yellow flesh is the most popular variety sold in New Zealand and can be used in all the recipes unless green-fleshed pawpaw are specified. The green pawpaw is mainly used as a savory ingredient in a dish. Pawpaw is beautiful when simply peeled, sliced and served with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice, but try these easy recipes for a touch of the exotic in your next meal.


Pawpaw is bursting with vitamin C. One cup of Pawpaw cubes (140gms) will give you 87mg of vitamin C, that’s more than the same amount of an orange. Pawpaw also contain good quantities of beta-carotene, vitamin A and Vitamin E, which make them fantastic for your skin and a great anti-oxidant fruit.